The opening exhibition 18. 3. 2016 

The first floor of the Zlín Chateau
The exhibition runs until 20. 5. 2016

Dates of meeting is 17. 3. 2016 at 17 hod.

The intensity of Volráb’s work creates another spatial dimension, which we perceive when looking at his highly detailed sculptures. In these works, we can see his own authentic view and artistic expression, they convey his perception of the outside world through the meaning expressed in the glass. Volráb‘s creative journey does not touch the area of studio glass art only, but in parallel also touches painting, in which colour – similarly to his glass work – is used as a tool of plastic expression by means of creating differing structures. In his works, he gives himself away completely and we can feel his focus and personal experience. His paintings are full of captured light and sensitivity.