The opennig the exhibition 28. 5. 2015 v 17 hours
The first floor of the chateau Zlín
The exhibition runs until  23. 8. 2015 

Jan Perůtka
Art of Bookbinding

For a number of years, Jan Perůtka’s bindings have kept their unmistakable style. His early works are characterized by a kind of sympathetic robustness. The bookbinder always tried protect the book block to a maximum extent, both by the binding and solid cases. He preferred using strong natural materials with bold colours and structure, which he highlighted by maceration or application of oil paints. He favoured combinations of a variety of surfaces and often applied fine wrinkling to leather. An important part of his early works were several artists’s books and books-objects, which he often created as private matters for his own pleasure, or as media for artistic and technical experiments. Under Hadlač‘s influence he laid emphasis not only on the book itself, he devoted the same attention to complicated and challenging book boxes, almost representing sculptural objects in their nature.

Hana Karkanová